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Distinctives (doctrinal commitments)

  1. We hold firmly and joyfully to our Statement of Faith, and our statement on the Five Solas of the Reformation.

  2. All long-term Mission workers are required to be wholeheartedly committed to our statement of faith, and our statement on the five solas. They will in their teaching and their practice seek to ensure that the truths expressed in these statements become part of the very fibre of the churches they work in.

  3. Those who work with us on a short-term basis (for two years or less) will not need to subscribe to our statements fully, but they will need to be in broad agreement with them and be prepared to work in line with them.

  4. Any church established by the Mission will operate under the church constitution of its mother church. After a church has been established, they may amend the Constitution, if they so wish, under the provisions of that constitution.

  5. In keeping with our Statements and for clarity we list the following doctrines and practices which we will not be able to support: The Health and Wealth Gospel; Open Theism; The New Perspective; Conditional Immortality / Annihilationism; Ecumenism (co-operative efforts, of a spiritual nature, with Catholicism and with non-evangelical Protestantism); Charismatic theology & practice; The propagation of Theistic Evolution.

  6. Weddings conducted within the churches that are part of Calvary Mission shall include the following statement in any wedding ceremony:       "Since the beginning of creation God, in his gracious purpose, provided marriage as the accepted way in which a man and a woman may come together as husband and wife. This is the only basis on which marriage can take place within this Church."

  7. While Calvary Mission wholeheartedly encourages the participation of women in the various ministries within its churches, we believe that elders are to be male and that the public teaching and preaching function within the churches is to be conducted by men.

  8. If a worker changes their doctrinal position while ministering with the Mission, they will be required to inform their church Team members and the Mission Leader immediately.

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